Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Welcome Ray

Good news on the blog front. To increase the diversity of thought I
have asked Ray Halagera, President and COO of Career Systems
, to join Nobscot's WebLog as executive contributing editor. Ray is a new collaborator and friend and has a wealth of knowledge that he picks up from his insatiable thirst for news and information.

He also is highly educated and experienced. Ray holds an undergraduate degree from Purdue, an MBA from the University of Chicago and years of experience in both consulting (with A.T. Kearny) and private industry. His knowledge spans business management, online technology, the learning industry, strategic marketing and operations. I am very appreciative that he has agreed to become a contributor to the blog. I'm positive that our small but growing audience will have much to gain from Ray's information and insight.

A warm welcome to Ray Halagera.


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