Thursday, July 27, 2006

4 Weeks Into the Recruiting Blog Swap

The Recruiting Blog Swap has been running for a month now. It's been great fun having the opportunity to get to know other bloggers in the Recruiting and Human Resources field.

So far I've created 4 guest posts as part of the Swap.

The first was on "It's All About the Experience." This blog is about the hiring experience from the applicant's point of view. I wrote a post about the old fashioned "stress interview." You can read it here.

For week two I had the pleasure of posting on Amitai Givertz's Recruitomatic blog. Since Amitai is in the recruiting industry and has posted previously about the need for recruiters to pick up the phone from time to time instead of relying solely on the Internet, I decided to post about how we recruited back in the dinosaur days. My post is called The Top Five Things Recruiters did Pre-Internet and it's located here.

Week 3 was at David Kippen of TMP's blog. David is a branding expert so my post attempted to help bridge the gap between branders and HR. You can read it here.

Week 4's post just went up over at HR Guy's blog. HR Guy is an anonymous HR person. He writes about the things he encounters as an HR guy with a special emphasis on the staffing and employee relations side of the house. I decided to write on a topic that usually causes a lot of debate. It's called Why I Still Don't Like Job Hoppers. Take a look here and post your comments on whether you agree or disagree.

You can read all the great posts that are being developed by the various blog swappers by keeping your eyes on the official Recruiting Blog Swap blog. Enjoy.


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