Friday, September 27, 2002

In the Who's Minding Your Payroll Department...

Did you catch this one?

"A US public school teacher's pay was enough to make Bill Gates or Donald Trump envious. Thanks to a computer glitch, the Detroit teacher was paid $7.9 million before taxes for 18 minutes of work.The teacher, who wasn't identified, received $4,015,624.80 after taxes.

Someone alerted the school district earlier this month, and the money was returned after six days, chief financial officer Ken Forrest said in yesterday's Detroit News.The error occurred when a clerk entered an employee number in the hourly wage field for the teacher's wage adjustment check. The district's payroll software didn't catch the mistake. The district has since installed a program to flag any pay cheque exceeding $10,000, he said. "

Hmm...The money was returned after 6 days. I wonder the interest on $4 million dollars is--even if only for a week.

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Beth C.


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