Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Shirley Chisholm Inspired Dreams

A quick tribute to Shirley Chisholm the first African American congresswoman. I can remember being back in elementary school when Congresswoman Chisholm ran for President. The first woman ever to seek the Democratic nomination. It didn't seem far fetched when I was at that age that a woman could become President. Shirley Chisholm was a woman who gave dreams to both women and minorities.

According to the Seattle Times, Chisholm was quoted as saying, "The next time a woman runs, or a black, a Jew or anyone from a group that the country is 'not ready' to elect to its highest office, I believe that he or she will be taken seriously from the start."

And an editorial from the Indianapolis Star ends with this description: Shirley Chisholm was often feisty, never shy, but always committed to opening the doors of power to all Americans.

She died this week at the age of 80.


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