Friday, December 12, 2008

One Client's Charity Gift Votes

I woke up to this great email from a Mentor Scout client this morning:

My votes are in:
1. Big Brothers Big Sisters of America, because my niece was a beneficiary of a program like this and I believe it saved her life. (she is currently a thriving Freshman at Smith College on a full scholarship package)

2. Boys and Girls Clubs; supporting this program is an investment in our future - our children

3. Feeding America; the current economic conditions means so many families are going hungry.

Thank you Beth & Nobscot associates for stepping up and modeling the true spirit of our holiday celebrations.

Portland General Electric

It's not surprising that L.S. is a such a great advocate for corporate mentoring over at PGE, is it? Thanks, L!

Note: Email republished with permission.


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