Friday, December 03, 2010

Apprentice Lessons - How to Sell Yourself in the Boardroom (Job Interview)

The Apprentice boardroom provides an excellent lesson for job applicants in selling themselves to their prospective employer.

In this week's episode, Donald Trump had to decide which candidate of the final three to fire. Liza and Brandy had just come off from a winning task. Clint was the favored candidate and survivor from the opposing team.

Donald asked each candidate, "Why should I hire you?" Brandy gave a comprehensive overview of her accomplishment, experience and education. Clint did the same listing his credentials. When it was Liza's turn, instead of selling herself she took the losing strategy of focusing on how the show was about helping people during the recession. Like many applicants in job interviews, she talked about how much she wanted the job rather than why she is the best person for the position. It's true that Liza's qualifications may not rival Brandy's and Clint's, but she did have one ace up her sleeve.

Let's rewind and try another tactic.

Donald: Liza, Why should I hire you?

Liza: Mr. Trump, you seem to hold Clint in high regard. Is that true?

Donald Trump: I hold all of you in high regard.

Liza: So it would be reasonable to say that you think Clint is very good then, yes?

Donald Trump: Yes

Liza: Then what would you think of a candidate who beat Clint in a head to head task? In fact the ONLY person to beat Clint Project Manger to Project Manager. Would you think that person is worthy of your consideration?

Donald Trump: Well. That's a good point. But Liza, throughout the whole competition. No one seemed to like you. Shouldn't I be concerned about that?

Liza: I understand your concern, Mr. Trump. But let me ask you one more question. What do you think would happen if I called up all of your competitors - Some of the people who you have competed with -- and won against -- for major projects? Do you think they would all say that they like you?

Most likely Donald had already had his mind made up to go with Clint and Brandy (probably why Stuart was fired). But wouldn't it have been a lot more difficult for him to fire Liza had she focused on her major selling point - having just beaten Clint?

You might not be able to go into a job interview and come on as strong as the above conversation. But you can make sure that you are prepared to talk about your unique selling point. It's important to focus on what you can bring to the company, rather than what the company can do for you. Unfortunately because you really, really want the job doesn't mean that much to the company.


Blogger Satindra said...

Absolutely right...'because you really, really want the job doesn't mean that much to the company.' And it shouldn't.

8:37 PM, February 28, 2011  
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