Tuesday, September 21, 2004

The Nouse - An Unusual Accommodation of the Future

What's a Nouse? It's a system that replaces your computer mouse with movements of your nose. It's completely hands free. You move the cursor on your screen by moving your nose.

Any guesses on how you left click and right click with the nouse?

Answer: Blink your left eye twice for left click and your right eye twice for right click.

The inventor, Dmitry Gorodnichy of the Institute of Information Technology in Ottowa, hopes that the nouse will make using the PC easier for people with disabilities. (Plus he has high hopes for gamers.)

Its detractors say they don't expect the nouse to catch on. Joe Laszlo of Jupiter Research said about the nouse, "I cannot ignore the high silliness factor of the nouse...People baulk at doing things that require them to look silly and there is ample room for looking silly here."

Read all about the nouse here and keep this in mind the next time you have to make special accommodations for an employee with carpal tunnel.

Beth C.


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