Sunday, October 17, 2004

Unusual Search Phrases

From time to time I like to take a look at the web analytics of who is visiting Nobscot's website and what brought them to the site. I use a fairly simple inexpensive program called Weblog Expert. With this program I can see the search phrases that people have entered into their search engine for which they ended up finding Nobscot Corporation.

The top phrases are usually things like:

exit interviews
employee turnover statistics
teacher retention

Sometimes there are more interesting search phrases such as:

turnover rates and loss of knowledge
charts and graphs on the glass ceiling
on call schedules employee turnover
job embeddedness
post interview satisfaction surveys

Last Friday we got one that I would love to know what the searcher was trying to find:

"Can companies withhold raises for employees bathroom"

Even stranger was the fact that Nobscot came in number 5 on the search engine results for this puzzling phrase.

It looks like the search engine ( in this case) picked up one of Nobscot's news abstracts that was on stress relievers for call center employees. The abstract mentioned how call center employees are often monitored on everything including the length of their bathroom breaks.

But that probably wasn't what the searcher was looking for since presumably he or she is looking at ways to withhold employees' raises because of their bathroom breaks. With any luck he found the information he was looking for elsewhere.

Beth C.


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