Wednesday, October 09, 2002

Career Opportunities of the Future

According to the World Future Society, the following job titles will become prevalent in the next 10-25 years.

1) Artificial Intelligence Technician
2) Aquaculturist
3) Automotive fuel cell battery technician
4) Benefits Analyst
5) Bionic medical technician
6) Computational Linguist
7) Computer Microprocessor Technician
8) Cryonics Technician
9) Electronic Mail Technician
10) Fiber Optic Technician
11) Fusion Engineer
12) Horticulture Therapist
13) Image Consultant
14) Information Broker
15) Information Center Manager
16) Job Developer
17) Leisure Consultant
18) Materials Utilization Specialist
19) Medical Diagnostic Imaging Technician
20) Myotherapist
21) Relocation Counselor
22) Retirement Counselor
23) Robot Technician
24) Shyness Consultant
25) Software Club Director
26) Space Mechanic
27) Underwater Archaeologist
28) Water Quality Specialist

Electronic mail technician? As in E-Mail technician? And what do you think a Software Club Director will be? Anyone have any other guesses of what will be hot in 2020? Email me at:

In the meanwhile, I think I'll start studying up for the Leisure Consultant job. See you at the beach.

Beth C.


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