Friday, June 09, 2006

Should Recruiting Secede?

Big discussion on an absurd question. Should Recruiting secede from HR?

That's like asking, should accounting secede from the CFO's area. Recruiting is about hiring the right people which is the centerpiece of HR's job. I'd go as far as to say it's the core competency of anyone in Human Resources.

Now, when I was a third party recruiter and thought (mistakenly) that I knew something about HR, I might have agreed with this nonsense. Third party recruiters are trained to avoid HR. Why? Not because it's good for the companies they service, but because it's good for the recruiters to make placements.

Recruiting, performance management, employee retention are all intertwined. They are the drivers of Human Resources and done correctly they are the things that bring value to a company. They are HR. The transactional items that must be done are simply that - paperwork that must be done. Just like every other department. The CFO area handles A/P and A/R and the CTO handles data entry. Would someone suggest seceding the IT strategy from the CTO's domain because the department also had to handle repetitive or administrative tasks?


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