Sunday, December 21, 2008

A Holiday Inspiration

One delightful and unexpected outcome of Nobscot's Charity Holiday gift is how it inspired one of our employees and her family to change the way they celebrate the holidays this year.

I am very enthused to share this guest post from Ashley DiFlorio.
My name is Ashley DiFlorio. My mother, Laura works for Nobscot Corporation. We sat around the dinner table one night and my Mom was explaining how Nobscot was not going to send out the usual Christmas baskets to their clients. They decided to donate the money to charity with the help of their clients. Every client would vote on which charity they wanted the money to go to.

This conversation sparked my family into a discussion about Christmas and how fortunate we are. We also started to think about how there were many other families who were not so fortunate. It was an amazing revelation. We basically decided at that moment that we wanted to do something. We decided to forgo our own gifts and use the money to give a Christmas to someone else. My brother suggested that we keep it local.

About a week later, after doing some investigation, we decided to give the local Women and Children’s Shelter a Christmas. My Mom called the shelter to get all the information required. It was determined that they have 27 beds and we were going to purchase presents for the Mom’s and the kids. The coordinator suggested that we give the gifts to them early enough so that the Mom’s could pick out a gift for their child, and the children could pick out a gift for their Mom’s. We also provided all the wrapping paper and tags and tape and bows so that they all would have a gift to open on Christmas morning.

This experience has changed the way I feel about Christmas. It truly is the season of giving! I am very proud of my whole family for contributing to this fantastic cause!
Thank you for sharing your story, Ashley. I am very proud of the DiFlorios as well!

It's really a wonderful reminder about how one act begets another and so on and so forth. Every charitable act, kind word spoken or smile on your face has the opportunity to ripple forward and spread happiness to people and places that you never imagined. That is something that we should remember at all times of the year.