Thursday, October 17, 2002

Workplace Reality Shows

I just read this...

"After a five year break from primetime network television, Roseanne is returning to ABC to star in an 'unscripted reality workplace comedy', VARIETY is set to report in Friday runs... "

I wonder what this could be. There was that odd game show in Argentina called "Human Resources" about two guys facing off for the same job but a show here in the US with Rosie? Who would let her into the workplace for any length of time....?

Speaking of the Argentinian Human Resources program, there was an excerpt from the show printed in Harpers Magazine, October 2002 issue. It was actually somewhat poignant in that both of the two "contestants" were somewhat pitiable and literally crying for the job.

There was Gaston Gamboa. A 25 year old bachelor who has been unemployed for two years. He had this to say, "I want to work because my heart is breaking. Mother tries so hard. She gets up at four in the morning. I am not able to do anything to change the past, but I would like to change the past. I would like to give her a better life, because in these times she suffers a lot. That is my great dream. I have a strong, healthy body, and yet I can't work."


Santiago Perez. Also 25 year old bachelor who has been unemployed for 2 years. Santiago said this:
"Work to me represents dignity. I want to help my family with a little money. I want to be a teacher, and I'm going to be one. It doesn't really matter to me if I don't win, the other person, Gaston, who also deserves it, will get it."

The job was for a grocery check-out clerk position at the Super Uno Supermarket. In Argentina, 14 million people, 45% of the population are unemployed or underemployed according to the host of the program.

The winner of the job, based on the audience calling into a toll free phone number to cast their vote, was Gaston Gamboa with 58% of the vote.

Let's hope things don't ever get that bad here in the US. And I'll keep my eye on what Rosie has up her sleeve...

Beth C.

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