Friday, September 28, 2007

The Best Human Resources Recruiter Movie Ever

I love when I come across HR in fiction books and movies. Last night, I saw the greatest movie for recruiters. It's called The Method and is a Spanish film by director Marcelo Piñeyro. The title refers to an assessment method used by the corporate "Personnel Officer" called the Grönholm Method. Here's an excerpt from a New York Times review:
In this Spanish comedy, based on a play by Jordi Galcerán, candidates for an executive job gather at their potential employer’s headquarters for the better part of a day and participate in exercises intended to test their ingenuity and expose the group’s weakest members....Much of “The Method” takes place in and around a conference room fitted with computers that let candidates see one another’s résumés, and that ominously switch off when one of them is booted out. We’re told that one of the candidates is a mole for the employer, but that tidbit might not be true.
If you are in Human Resources or Recruiting put this on your must-see movie list.