Wednesday, November 05, 2014

The Year of the White Male - MidTerm Election Roundup

When it comes to the US midterm elections, 2014 was definitely not the year of Diversity.

Here's my quick roundup of the demographic statistics for the Governor and Senatorial Races.

There were 36 Governor races.
Male versus male: 27
Male versus female: 9
Female versus female: 0

Male wins: 31
Female wins: 5  (3 Republican women, 2 Democrat women)

African American Candidates: 0
Mixed Race: 1 (?) (Male Democrat Maryland)
Mexican: 1 (Republican Female New Mexico)
Asian: 1  (Male Republican RI)

Plus Hawaii's 3-way race between:
Japanese - David Ige
Hawaiian/Chinese/Portuguese - Duke Aiona
German/Samoan - Mufi Hannemann

There were 36 Senatorial races.
Male versus male: 22
Male unopposed: 1
Male versus female: 11
Female versus female: 2

Senate Results:
Male wins: 32
Female wins: 4  (3 Republican, 1 Democrat)
Male - Female: Requires Runoff: 1

African American Candidates: 2
Wins: 1 (Male against White Female)
Losses: 1 (Female against White Male)Other Races: 0?

So what's going on? Gender/Race bias? Women uninterested in being politicians? Losses for Diverse Candidates from the Primary Elections?